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UPS Hire from Adept Power Solutions

Adept Power Solutions is one of the most respected suppliers of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and generator solutions, and since 2003 we have provided our clients with high quality generator and UPS products. A reliable UPS solution is what every business owner needs for all IT systems and processes to run smoothly.

But what if your current system is being repaired, and you need a temporary solution until it is fixed? We provide UPS hire for situations like this.

Temporary UPS Solutions

Adept Power Solutions offers our existing clients a UPS hire and rental service for occasions when you need a temporary UPS solution. It might be that you have ordered a brand-new unit or parts and they have a long lead-time due to supply chain issues, but you urgently need to keep critical systems running. Or perhaps you are anticipating a period of power interruptions and need a backup UPS power supply to support this. Whatever the situation, we can provide a temporary UPS solution to give you peace of mind that vital equipment will continue to function.

Benefits of UPS Hire with Adept Power

As one of very few UPS companies offering a UPS hire service, Adept Power Solutions can provide our customers with exclusive benefits. From 1Kva up to 40Kva, we supply a wide range of UPS rental systems to meet your needs, tested regularly to ensure they are in perfect working condition. These are available for short-term or long-term hire, so you are covered for as long as you need. We can also remove and dispose of any damaged or unwanted UPS units and batteries before installing your UPS hire unit.

Find out more about the UPS solutions available for hire and how we can support your interim business needs here.

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