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UPS Maintenance Is a Business Essential

Your UPS is the first line of defence against harmful power fluctuations. With this in mind, you cannot risk waiting for an issue to arise before taking action to protect this equipment!

A well-maintained UPS system, providing a clean power supply, will ensure a reliable and efficient solution for powering your mission-critical equipment. The faster a failing UPS system can be brought back into service the better – that’s where our team of experienced and qualified engineers come in.

Adept Power offer varying levels of UPS maintenance cover to suit your company’s individual requirements and budget. Preventative maintenance is one of the services typically provided under a maintenance plan, where annual checks are carried out on UPS equipment BEFORE issues arise. This involves identifying any possible faults with the consumable components within the UPS where batteries, fans and capacitors are the top priority as their lifespan diminishes relatively quickly in relation to other components. 

What does the maintenance plan consist of? 

All maintenance plans (Platinum/Gold/Silver) include:

  •      Annual preventative maintenance service visit
  •      24/7/365 emergency cover
  •      Telephone technical support
  •      Emergency response visit (response time varies depending on selected plan)

Annual Service Visit

Annual preventative maintenance visits are scheduled to ensure performance of the UPS equipment is optimised and are fundamental to minimising disruption to business operation. The purpose of the visit is to identify and remove any potential problems before they occur, this includes inspecting key components to identify if they are showing some of the first signs of fault. Environmental checks will be carried out as these can contribute to poor power quality and suggestions can be made to improve the conditions.

Telephone technical support

This is the first port of call if a problem develops. Telephone support is ideal for minor faults which can be resolved with quick advice over the phone. If the fault cannot be resolved with a phone call, then this will be escalated, and a site visit will be arranged to further investigate and resolve the issue.

Emergency response visit

Site visits are scheduled if a major fault occurs and one of our experienced engineers will attend site to investigate and identify the problem. The speed of the response is determined by the chosen UPS maintenance plan where levels of responsiveness can vary between 4 hours and next day. You will need to decide what is considered an acceptable response time for your business.

Is your UPS and business protected? Speak to one of our experts for more information on the different types of UPS maintenance cover available. Call us on 01264 351415 or alternatively email us.