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Understanding UPS Bypass Switches

A lot of users often don’t realise that there are many different types of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) bypass switches - getting the right match for your UPS is imperative!

Uninterruptible power supplies are normally very reliable, but there can sometimes be the need to externally bypass the UPS. For example, in order to safely carry out removal, repairs, maintenance and routine servicing of your UPS, a bypass switch would enable this without disrupting the critical load. This would result in no downtime during business hours, and can also help towards reducing unpredicted future costs.

Most UPS above 5kVA already include some form of internal UPS maintenance bypass facility, but an external device allows the UPS to be completely removed from the electrical circuit if required for an upgrade or swap out - no disturbances caused!

Having an external UPS bypass switch is fundamental to any power protection solution if you want to avoid downtime, regardless of the problems that may arise.  With an external maintenance bypass switch as part of your back up power solution, you can quickly and easily divert the mains supply around the UPS, providing power straight to the load with no risk of outages.

With Adept Power Solutions, our range of external UPS bypass switches, manufactured in-house, are built to the highest standards using proven components and have been designed to allow the isolation of UPS standby systems. We have a variety of different UPS bypass switches available for plug and play installation, as well as larger single and three phase installations which can be provided as wall or rack mountable.

When choosing your UPS bypass switch, it is vital to ensure that you match the correct version (single or three phase) to the correct UPS and rating.

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